Is there a need to invest in eSport?

Interest in eSports has grown steadily in recent years. In the past, the largely narrow hobby has grown into millions of spectators around the world, and fans are flooding Stadiums around the world to witness a new competition of sports stars showcasing their skills in the current one with a truly international outlook.

This interest is expected to increase the desire to participate in betting opportunities in esports.

Sporting events are also suitable for the more direct nature of the modern sports experience. Features such as betting in betting and redemption revolutionized the relationship between the player and the bookmaker and changed the activity limited to pre-game betting, which could encourage continuous and long-term engagement.

The shorter nature of Esports matches is well suited to the current betting environment. Bets on the outcome of a FIFA match or counterattack can be settled in minutes. Esports fans tend to be younger, and well-rounded, sophisticated esports betting offers an excellent opportunity to build loyalty among the players in this population and introduce these new players to sports betting.

Strong sports betting is a key factor in the efficient organization of fast-paced sporting events. A sports book with a poor understanding of esports is in danger of hitting customers with prolonged delays and often market disruptions, two factors that can have a huge negative impact on conservation. Needless to say, providing trouble-free experience and excellent market access doesn’t matter to millions of users, which is why there are so many who don’t have the required standards.

Providing stability and quality deliveries even during high volumes is a critical factor in providing players with a first-class esport gaming experience backed by proven algorithms and experience in trading and risk.

Has demand increased since the end of traditional sports?

Amid the lighter global sports calendar, the bright spot has been the development and growing popularity of sports, demonstrating the ability to provide an exciting and fast-paced sport. The simplicity of watching Esport matches through streaming services is an important factor in their favor so that the competitor and the spectator can play and watch remotely.

It is fair to say that demand has increased significantly due to the discontinuation of traditional sports. For example, the volume of Spanish betting in the Kambi network in March 2020 was 236% higher than in the corresponding period last year.

While this may sound obvious, it should be noted that esports should not be considered as a single, monolithic entity. While all competitive video games fall under this concept, it consists of a set of games, each with its own unique mechanics and nuances that the merchant must consider. Cambi’s team of sports experts has a proven track record of trading events from League of Legends and Dota 2 to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and FIFA – helping our operators provide their players with the best possible and most engaging experience.

Have US operators shown interest in eSports?

There is undoubtedly a huge interest in exports in the United States. Among the millennial man, they are popular as hockey and almost as popular as baseball, while traditional sports recognize this, just as the NBA and NASCAR create their own sports teams. The esport betting potential in the United States is undoubtedly huge.

Esports betting is allowed in certain jurisdictions – West Virginia allows all esports without U18 entrants, while Nevada has accepted several high-profile tournaments in recent weeks.

Camb’s technical scalability and expertise have been key factors that set us apart in the U.S. since we made our first legal contribution in several U.S. states, including Michigan, Illinois and New York. When betting on sports betting continues to grow, I am confident that our offer is owned operators make it possible to grow even larger market share.

A diverse selection of pre-match and live markets at a wide variety of events is paramount, and the power needed under the Hood to enable this in a consistent manner.