EveryMatrix reveals a significant increase in esport betting

EveryMatrix has reported that esports has grown 40-fold in the gaming industry, according to the State of Esports betting report 2020 from iGaming platform provider.

According to the report, the sudden rise is largely due to the growing popularity of sports-based titles such as FIFA20 and NBA 2K in the world of esports. EveryMatrix eventually decided that FIFA and NBA 2K will account for 80 percent of the game volume and emphasize the importance of sports betting for the esports game industry.

The approval of the Nevada Games Supervisory Board for bets on some major esport leagues has also shown a change in perception of the industry. In addition, the sports activity of players aged 26-35 has increased, due in part to the direct sports break caused by COVID-19.

By 2020, nearly half of the most common gamers in esport in the population group were 26-35, rising from 27.63 percent to 43.88 percent. EveryMatrix also combines the growth in the number of esport bets in this Formula 1 Virtual Grand Prix series with other sports that produce online virtual competitions, as this has given the stage more glances at the industry and attracted more interest in the global lockout period.

The State of Esports betting report 2020, which can be downloaded for free, addresses, among other things, the increased transparency of esports betting.

The International Esports Federation will replace Webster with Marinesculla as president

The International Federation of Esperes (IESF) has appointed Vlad Marinescu, media director and marketing manager of the International Judo Federation, as new president after Colin Webster resigned “from circumstances directly attributable to the COVID-19 crisis.”

The IESF is a global organization tasked with legalizing esport as a well-known sport that has grown in importance in recent years as competitive gaming joins a more traditional market.

Webster said: “I have always believed that a leader such as the organization itself, should always serve its members the challenges of the current crisis have severely tested the performance by serving those who have chosen me, and after a long and rigorous self-examination..

“I am absolutely sure that IESF is still doing this in the next chapter. I have no doubt that IESF continues to combine clumsy, protects athletes and produces more than ever before.”

In addition to his position in the IESF and the International Judicial Federation, Marinescu is the President of the Esports Federation in the United States.

Marinescu added: “We really owe it to President Webster. His life is dedicated to public service. We are fortunate to be able to convince him to stay on board to continue giving wise advice. The solid foundation on which the IESF is built is due to Colin, who has shown tremendous leadership as a truly global governing body of exports. “

The WFH League signs partnerships with Razer and G-science

The WFH League, the upcoming corporate esport competition where companies compete with each other, has announced Razer and G Sciences as its latest partners.

Razer has been unveiled as the league’s main sponsor for the opening season. In addition, it is the league’s technology partner, allowing the company to provide the WFH League with a tournament platform and capital for the tournament.

Yann Salsedo, Director of Razer Europe Esports, said: “The WFH League is a great way to keep in touch with colleagues, hire other teams and have fun raising money for a great purpose. The WFH competition is perfectly combined with the many activities Razer has launched to encourage people to stay home and work from home. , if they can.

CEO Stephen Hanna added: “Playbox is built to support e-sports companies by providing solutions to infrastructure needs. We are very excited to partner with the WFH League for the first season later this month. We look forward to giving players participating in the tournament a unique experience. experience at home and in the office. “