If you’re wondering who’s won it big in 2019 and what game is bringing them fame, then you’ve come to the right place. Below we have gathered information about the top players, the game they played, and how much money they’ve earned so far. Keep on reading to learn how Dota 2 made these players rich.

Top 3 E-Sport Earners

The Top Three Esports earners all hail from team “OG” who recently won the International Dota 2 tournament. The team includes players who have years of experience and a newcomer to the seen who’s been on the winning side twice. Their win netted the team a massive amount of money, totaling $3,163,536.20 per person.


Jesse Vainikka – Dota 2

Tag: “JerAx”

The top earner from 2019 is 27-year old Jesse Vainikka, aka “JerAx.” Jesse hails from Finland, where he got his start in competitive gaming by playing “Heroes of Newerth.” He soon went off to serve in the Finnish military, after his return, he took-up interest in Dota and started as a support player for team “Rat in the Dark.” He was approached by his old teammates from Heroes of Newerth and became captain of “QPAD Red Pandas.”

JerAx then began team jumping, which lead to him join an international team, “MVP HOT6ix.” He soon left the Korean based team for “5Jungz” before joining his team “Liquid” and then jumping to his current team “OG.” He just finished winning the Dota 2 international tournament at the premier tier.

Sébastien Debs – Dota 2

Tag: “Cev”

Sébastien Debs is a 27-year old from France who has made it big playing Dota 2. Cev made his start in e-gaming when he joined “ Team Shakira” in 2011. After joining his first team, he quickly moved to “Western Wolves” and a few months later left to join “MTW.” MTW did well, winning several tournaments before falling apart in 2012 after finishing last in the Dota 2 international tournament.

Cev then started team jumping again, only staying in each for a few months. In fact, Cev went through 12 teams between the years of 2012 and 2015 before settling as the coach of his current team “OG.” These teams included “Alliance,” “D.D.Dota,” and “Sigma.int.”

Topias Taavitsainen – Dota 2

Tag: “Topson”

Topisa Taavitsainen is the youngest player on this list at age 21. He hails from Finland and got his professional start just last year in 2018. He is one of the first two-time international winners for Dota-2 and has been playing the game since age 8. He started out playing on the Finnish international gaming team before being picked up by team “OG” in 2018. Giving his current records Esports fans are betting on another successful performance for Topias in 2020.